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About Us

We are PNG’s hardest working job board. Purpose built for PNG - we make it easier for employers and jobseekers to find each other online or by mobile.

We were developed by expert recruiters who know the PNG job market. We are continually making improvements to the board and trying to ensure that the board delivers on our promise of improving the recruitment process for recruiters and jobseekers in PNG. We constantly seek feedback and act on issues that are identified. All jobs are posted in real time - permitting faster turnaround times - for jobseekers and advertisers.

Posting jobs and applying to jobs is more affordable using PNGJOBSEEK over traditional methods. Our new App - is also a gamechanger and opens up the talent pool to candidates all over the world who wish to work in PNG. All adverts placed on the board also feed to our Facebook and Linkedin pages - which significantly increases the talent pool having access to the job advert. Job Advert packs of 5,10,20,50 deliver significant savings to Employers - permitting adverts to be posted faster than before with only one transaction process. Our adverts stay on the site for 30 days and can be changed at any time. Automatic messaging built into the board now results in all Jobseekers getting an update on their application - which saves Employers time and money>

Our connection to the Digicel mobile phone network means jobseekers can apply to jobs on the board wherever they are in PNG in a few clicks. Candidates can register using their mobile and upload their CV on line, via email or by posting their CV to our PO Box. Our Android App (available through GooglePlay) services both Employers and Jobseekers - and permits full account and job details to be viewed - it permits jobseekers all over the world to apply to jobs on PNGJOBSEEK using their mobile in a few clicks.

Information on FAQs, Tools & Tips and Training Colleges is also on the Board. Please examine useful recruitment information for both Job Seekers and Advertisers included on our website and Facebook page. If you have information to share please contact our customer service team today at help@pngjobseek.com or call us on 7090 7200.