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Protecting Your Privacy –

PNGJOBSEEK believe protecting your personal information from unwanted access is very important. We have had the best security measures built into the board to secure your information and to protect and secure our board from foreign hackers and unwarranted access.

We require sms confirmations at key stages of jobseeker information accessto ensure that we are dealing with valid account holders. This is aimed atensuring your information is kept private at all times. *We do not apologise for this and will continue to use this inbuilt safety mechanism to ensure that we maintain the best of security for safe keeping of our jobseekers informatioin

If you receive random emails or messages requesting account information that is not from PNGJOBSEEK please ignore this request and advise the customer service team on 70907200.

If you believe that your account has been accessed please immediately change your password and advise the customer service team.

If you accidently click on links to emails that are bogus we recommend that you do a virus check as soon as possible.

If you ever provide your PNGJOBSEEK password to others by accident we recommend that you change your password on the system as soon as possible.


PNGJOBSEEK Customer Service Team