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Jobscreen - Shortlist Questionnaire

Minimise the time you spend identifying candidates that have the experience and skills you need. Job Screen permits you to add a questionnaire to your advertisement that candidates (applying via the job board) must complete when they apply for your position. You set up the job screen to determine which candidates satisfy your requirements and those who dont. This permits your efforts to be directed to those on your shortlist.

 Automatic messaging can be set up on commencement, providing a courteous response to both successful and unsuccesful candidates applying via the job board.Note: Candidates applying via their mobile cannot complete the Jobscreen questionnaire - their application will need to be reviewed to determine if they satisfy your prerequisites and make your shortlist.

Job Screen is a must for advertisers needing to find their top applicants quickly. The Job Screen process permits you to concentrate your efforts on getting your shortlist advanced to interview and a placement decision determined. 

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